Unit Conversions

logo Ancient linear Dimensions, eine Sammlung antiker Längenmaße

This Calculator will show you the numerical Ratios / Factors, between more than 170 linear Units of Lenght, from different Ages and Regions.

is equal to: [ℹ]

[ℹ] The calculated ratios and values are based of a simple multiplication with only one Groundunit. If you will get results really close by an integer, the nearest integer Number is mathematical accurate and correct!! (like (0,9999999999 = 1). Unfortunately my Script works until now, correct but is not so fine tuned, as i want it. ;-) (I already work to solve this Script problem asap!) Results with integer Numbers and logical fractals (for instance ⅓ =0.33333 or ⅚ = 1,66666) will show you that there are relationships between the Ancient linear Dimensions (Units). If you will have other uneven Fractals and arbitrary Values as results, it shows on the other Hand just the mathematically correct results of the Conversion.The Relationship between all of them, nevertheless still exists over "Transferunits" and the "Groundunit".